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June 08, 2023, 02:11:09 pm
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News: We are sorry but Disney Dream Forums has been Dis-continued due to in-activity for another wonderful disney site please visit http://www.idizney.com/index.php
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December 01, 2008, 03:55:10 pm by Stitch

I am sorry to say but Disney Dream Forums will be closing. Now this may seem sudden to some and shocking to others but as the site owner i have decided to close it. It was a difficult decision and i kept going back and fourth and i have finally come to this decision.

The reasons?

First off this site is in active we have 4 active people 1 admin (me) 2 mods (MLKnCookies & PartlyMonkeys) and 1 active member (Sam xD) now subtract the staff because they well kinda have to log on and you are left with 1 active members. So a 3 staff 1 member site isnt what you would call "active". October was a test month i put out our first competition a series of quests and pins and skins and all that stuff to see hoping that people will come and stay or join. Sadly it didnt work we had 3 people complete all 5 quests and 1 person complete 2 quests. So it isnt worth it to make contests and hunt down images and such to keep the site up for 1 member. Not to mention the 1 member would win everythign Cheesy

Secondly this year i went into the 9th grade and well high school is just a bit harder than middle school. OK maybe a wee bit more than a little its not that its hard its that i have tons of work and its tiring. So i dont have as much time as i would like to work on things for the site and promote the site.

Thirdly this is a mixture of small reasons. One is i cant find a graphic designer who will make skins and awards ans such for me and its driving me nuts hunting for image on google. Another is that its a pain in the butt to advertise because all the sites most of us post on enforce a strong NO ADVERTISING rule making it near impossible to advertise.

What's Next?

Well ill let you on in a little secret im working on its a guild for Pirates Online and i want to give this guild alot of time the guilds expected release date it early january. Im working on a new site for the guild using a new program (NOT SMF FOR FREE!!!!) much better with more choices and more professional that this site.

Also i plan to continue to design and make the future of forums for all kinds of things and who knows maybe ill move to making games and other things. Just watch out for other forums made by me.

Also there is a new site called IDizney Forums all abotu disney its ran on a VB site with no ads im a member on there and i know the staff well tis small liek here but is promising Smiley if you would liek somewhere to go to chat abotu disney go there. Its a good community and place. http://www.*idizney.*com/index.php <REMOVE * I added those to prevent spam bots from visiting the site.> also when you register where it says referrer please type StitchRokcs Smiley

Farewell it has been a pleasent ride and you have taught me many things. The site will remain up for a few months just no new events and stuff will be added.

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June 08, 2023, 02:11:09 pm

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